Recycling for a sustainable future.

Alaska’s Waste Management Recycling Experts

Drill rig Demolition and Salvage, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

CRS provides a “cradle to grave” metal recycle service to our clients.

With our extensive fleet of mobile materials handling equipment, trained crews, in-house trucking and extensive environmental background, we can dismantle, prepare, load, transport and recycle your outdated equipment all the while ensuring compliance with all regulations and maintaining maximum safety without impacting your operations.

From the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay to Southeast Alaska, we have mobilized to client’s sites, cleaned up valuable storage yard space and turned their obsolete equipment or scrap into cash.

Power Plant Demolition and Recycle, Minot  AFB, ND.

CRS can perform all aspects of your project

From Environmental Assessments, Permitting, Planning to Hazardous Material Abatement, Dismantlement, Demolition, Recycling, Hauling and Waste disposal

Drill rig Demolition and Salvage, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Special Projects

CRS specializes in discretely meeting all of our clients Waste Management and recycling needs.

Our clients range from large oil companies, mining firms, governmental agencies to private individuals.

CRS has extensive service capabilities. From scheduled recycling services to complete facility and asset recycling across the State of Alaska.